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We are the Preferred Equipment Cleaners for The Windsor Spitfires.
We keep the Windsor Fire Combat Challenge Team's gear clean, healthy and fresh.
Cleaning, Antibacterial Disinfecting & Freshening

The Esporta Wash System includes a highly efficient, 4-Step process utilizing patented, industry-leading technology and professional cleaning equipment.
  1. Check-in
    • Our representative will visually inspect your items, noting any wearing on each piece. All items for cleaning are recorded on a log sheet and tagged with our numbering system.

  2. Loading
    • Equipment is tested for bacteria counts with a Bio-Reveal testing system. Equipment is then loaded into protective mesh bags for the cleaning process. This ensures the equipment is safely secured during the cleaning and sanitization process. Special attention is given to ensure your equipment is positioned in the bag to ensure maximum cleaning results.

  3. Cleaning

    • Detergent
      • pH neutral washing at low temperatures kill 99.9997% of bacteria, mould, fungus and viruses
      • Environmentally Safe
      • Removes odours including smoke, sewer and bodily odours
      • Designed NOT TO DAMAGE leathers, fabrics and foams
      • Includes a brightening agent
      • Contains solvents to emulsify oil-based (sweat) soils

    • Penetration 
      • Proven process uses water pressure to clean and penetrate
      • Items are held stationary while the paddle wheel rotates through the water
      • Hydraulic pressure forces out all the contaminants using specially formulated detergent

    • Forced Additive
      • The prophylactic acid and hydrogen peroxide combination neutralizes the Detergent and penetrates to reach all bacteria, viruses and mould spores, killing them chemically, on contact. At this stage, any odour that is still evident after stage 1 and 2 is virtually eliminated. The chemicals in this stage have received laboratory confirmation that this process kills germs such as staphylococcus aureus and moulds at a 99.9997% efficacy.

    • Signature Fragrance
      • Aromatic fragrance (a combination of 140 different natural oil extracts including mint, orange peel and vanilla flower) introduces a fresh, renewed pleasant fragrance that lasts for weeks.

  4. Drying
    • The equipment is removed from each compartment of the Esporta Machine and placed on drying racks ensuring all equipment that is tagged stays together with similarly tagged items. The racks are then moved into a specially designed drying room. Airflow is strategically designed to maximize the drying process for each item. After the drying process has been completed, everything is placed back into its bag or a plastic Esporta bag for delivery to the customer.

  5. Check Out
    • Your equipment is inspected, packaged and ready for pick up or delivery

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