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We are the Preferred Equipment Cleaners for The Windsor Spitfires.
We keep the Windsor Fire Combat Challenge Team's gear clean, healthy and fresh.
Germ Warfare - Clean, Disinfect, Refresh Your Gear

What The Heck is Germ Warfare?
The Battle Against Germs and Bacteria is On!!!
Our Cleaning System Will Eliminate 99.9997% of Germs & Bacteria from your gear!
The rotten smell often associated with sports equipment and clothing serves as an important reminder that bacteria, mould and fungus all thrive in equipment that has not been properly cleaned and dried.
The combination of proteins and organic matter in a warm, damp environment provides an ideal breeding ground for the growth of odour-causing, unhealthy mould, fungus and bacteria. These microbial organisms are a direct health threat causing skin rashes and irritations with the continued use of improperly cleaned sporting and protective equipment. They pose a direct health threat since they can enter the body through cuts or abrasions with the potential for serious infections.

How Serious is This Threat?
The American Center for Disease Control (CDC) has issued recent recommendations for schools to routinely clean sports equipment in response to outbreaks of infectious MRSA. This form of Staphylococcus Aureus is easily transmitted via towels, sports equipment and direct contact. Professional Athletes in both football and hockey have been hospitalized with bacterial infections. The recent death of a collegiate athlete with MRSA confirms the seriousness of this health threat.
"As a professional hockey player, I have been using the Esporta System for several years and it is excellent. Esporta's system kills bacteria that can lead to skin infection. Professional athletes have had serious infections over the years from filthy equipment. I feel confident knowing that my equipment is safe, thanks to Esporta." Chuck Kobasew - Right Wing, Calgary Flames

What's the Solution?
When we clean your sports or protective gear using our industry-leading Esporta Cleaning System and its specially formulated enzyme-based detergents and disinfectants, you can feel confident that we eliminate 99.9997% of these contaminates at their source. Conventional cleaning removes only the surface dirt whereas our system penetrates deeply into the foam and fabric. The Esporta Wash System is a four stage cleaning process that hydraulically pulls the equipment through the cleaning detergents, killing and removing harmful bacteria.
No other method of cleaning compares to this total cleaning solution when it comes to eliminating blood, proteins, mucus, bacteria, fungus and mould from sports and protective equipment. Our process ensures the highest level of hygiene and safety for any person wearing the equipment.

Into the Trenches of Germ Warfare
Germs grow when athletic gear and other protective equipment gets warm and moist. Perspiration softens the skin's primary protective barrier, the stratum corneum, allowing germs to enter the body through scrapes, cuts and bruises.
People who play sports or use protective gear for other purpose are particularly susceptible to infections for various reasons. Those who play at the minor levels, children and beer-leaguers may have the most to worry about if they simply leave their wet equipment in their gear bags until it's time to play again.
Drying protective equipment and clothing properly will kill a lot of bacteria. However, it should be noted that cleaning equipment with disinfectants should also be a part of the process to ensure bacteria and remaining germ spores are eliminated. Germ spores, which are reproductive cells, can be re-activated by sweat or other moist conditions which leads to new bacterial growth.

Material Developments
Athletic equipment is a very good host for germs because of the plastic and foam used in its construction. Bacteria can easily become trapped in crevices and pores of the materials and, if equipment isn't dried completely, or cleaned properly germs can flourish, multiplying en masse.
It is highly recommended by health experts that players not share their equipment or gear. Health issues are not the only problem caused by dirty equipment. Bacteria and Mould build-up damage equipment causing it to rot and fall apart. Keeping your equipment clean and dry extends its life, protecting your investment.

This Will Make You Sick!
Bacteria and viruses found in hockey equipment (for example) can cause Nasty Illnesses including...
  • Gastroenteritis (commonly known as stomach flu, resulting in diarrhea and nausea)
  • Other viral illnesses such as influenza, colds, pneumonia and chicken pox
  • Various skin infections including impetigo caused by either the streptococcus (strep) or staphylococcus (staph) germs
  • Diarrhea, bleeding and cramping caused by a strain of E. Coli, found in fecal matter and often ending up in the athletic supporter

You Can Trust Our Killer System!!!
Equipment should be washed and sanitized at least once a year. Our professionals are trained, experienced and ready to professionally wash your athletic and/or protective gear using our patented, industry-leading Esporta Wash System. It is a four stage washing process which uses biodegradable detergents to work deeply into the equipments fabric, foam and crevices to destroy bacteria, mould and fungus that cause health threats. Lab results confirm our washing process kills bacteria at a 99.9997% efficacy rate.

Our system simply ensures the highest level of hygiene and health safety for every athlete!

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